i. Drawing policy guidelines and action programmes on sugar development
ii. Providing guidance on the development of sugar estates and the organization of sugarcane out growers scheme to enhance viability of sugar plants;
iii. Facilitating the availability of credit facilities for sugar out growers for land preparation and farm inputs in liaison with Federal, State and Local Government institutions and corporate bodies whose objectives relate to the objectives of the sugarcane out growers scheme;
iv. Facilitating the availability of credit facility to Sugarcane Out growers during planting season where there is functional sugar factory and an uptake agreement. Out grower farmers will be linked with Bank of Agriculture within one month of the receipt of their application;
v. Establishing, maintaining and supervising the Sugarcane Research and Development Centre to develop new and improved sugarcane technology and sugarcane varieties;
vi. To advise on the adaptation of machinery and other processes for sugar development;
vii. Setting targets and Measurements for the performance of local sugar producers;
viii. Setting and Regulating quality standards for local sugar producers and imported sugar

ix. Assisting existing and new sugar companies with recommended industrial sugarcane varieties;
x. To advise, based on improvements in local production, the Government of the Federation on the rate of tariff to be charged on imported sugar; and
xi. To consider and advise on any other matter which is aimed at enhancing the objectives of the Council.

i. Initial Seed cane would be provided to New Estates and Out growers on request within one month of receipt of the application;
ii. Applications for establishment of new Sugarcane Farms, Sugar factory/ Refinery will be processed within 6 weeks of receipt of such application;
iii. Applications from Farmers for loan facility through BOA and BOI will be technically evaluated and forwarded to the relevant bank within 30 days of receipt of the application;
iv. Link to Producers of tissue culture seedlings will be made within two weeks of receipt of application for tissue culture seedlings;
v. Raw Sugar Quota Allocation will be processed and recommended to the Honorable Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment (HMITI) for onward transmission to the Presidency before the end of January of each year.